Industrial & Commercial General Contracting Consulting

Contractor selections for Commercial and Industrial projects. Every owner who is planning to construct a new commercial or industrial project will benefit if they contract with a General Contractor (GC) who understands the owner priorities and agree to insist on providing them.  Those consistently are:

  1. Provides energy efficient construction materials.

  2. Provide the highest level of quality.

  3. Completes the project on time and within the owner’s budget.

  4. Provides a safe construction site for all workers and job site visitors.

In addition to the items above there are other things that need to be considered when selecting a General Contractor; these include:

Is the GC a member of the BBB-Better Business Bureau? If so, what is their rating?


Is the GC a member of a Chamber of Commerce? In terms of volume, there are some rules of thumb that need to be adhered to ensure the GC is not over extending themselves. The Bonding Capability is a key measuring item.  If the project being considered is a $2,000,000 project the Bonding Capacity for a single project should be $4,000,000 and the total aggregate should be at least $8,000,000 to ensure other projects are covered. If the project is $2,000,000 the total work under construction at the same time should not be over $8,000,000 to ensure the GC is not over-extended. Successful completed construction capability is another yardstick to consider.  The GC being considered should have a history of completing projects three times this size to ensure capability.

  • There are some key soft ware programs that will help insure a successful project such as:

    • A Project Manager Software program that will produce templates for weekly project meetings. This software should be able to track key suppliers items that have a long lead time, and also be able to track supplier items that have a long lead time. When these are submitted, when they need to be approved and when they are ordered.  Examples are toilet partitions, floor covering items or any other specialty products that may require a longer delivery time. Additionally, it should be able to track supplier items which require Architect and Owner approval, or owner requested change orders.


  • A Bar Chart construction scheduling program that highlights the “Critical Path” items to insure the project is kept on time.

  • The Project Manager software needs to be able to track Sub-contractor Insurance policy dates of coverage, deductibles and renewal dates sending an email reminder 60 days prior to expiration.

When evaluating a General Contractor, there are historical items to consider ensuring a successful project is constructed. Does the Project Superintendent have a proven track record of completing his projects on time when the dollar volume is 2-3 times larger? The Project Superintendent should not be assigned another project he is responsible for completing at the same time. Does the Project Superintendent have an Assistant that can cover for him when he is sick? What is the project manager’s track record, particularly when considering projects that are significantly larger? The Project Manager should not have more than 2 other projects assigned to him/her at the same time and their start and completion times should vary.  It is unadvisable to have two projects starting at the same time. The early part of the schedule is the most demanding due to scheduling all the items. An Assistant Project Manager or Project Engineer is a plus so if there is a sickness there is someone familiar with the project who will be able to provide short term coverage.

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