Property Condition Reports

Who uses Jay Hedges Consulting Services, LLC. ?
  • An existing real estate broker representing an individual or company who is about to purchase an office, warehouse, retail strip center or power center.

  • A banker/lender that is providing financing for someone buying a commercial or industrial project often requires an inspection as a condition for the loan to purchase the property.

  • An existing owner who is in the process of acquiring a new loan or an extension of an existing loan.

  • These reports have been utilized since 2010.

Existing Property and Condition Reports

-assessments and inspections how they are utilized.

  1. The contents of my reports always identify items that need to be corrected prior to the sale closing date.​

  2. The cost of these items generally results in a reduction in the sales price.

  3. If the items that need to be corrected are structural in nature, these may serve as a “red flag” and cause the buyer to reconsider the acquisition.  Items such as structural concrete issues that will always result in future maintenance costs because the issues will re-occur.  These can be heaving of the soils because of active clays that will always shrink and expand regardless of the corrective actions taken initially.  The presences of these items manifest themselves in many ways.

    1. The walls crack at door openings creating an appearance issue.

    2. Doors or windows do not open or close.

    3. Cracks in the floor that are structural in nature will cause ceramic of vinyl composition tile (VCT) to crack creating an ongoing maintenance issue.

  4.  Another item is the design of the HVAC systems may have been under-designed resulting in inadequate heating or cooling causing high utility costs.

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