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Jay Hedges Consulting Services is a DBA for a consulting business in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  Owner and CEO Jay Hedges brings many years of experience in the construction industry spanning from 1985 through today.

Our Services

Property Condition Reports

These reports are vitally important to a prospective buyer of a commercial or industrial property.  Like a Home Inspection the items that need to be replaced or repaired are identified.  Potential ADA-American disability Act items are identified so the new owner is protected from liability in a law suit regarding non-compliant ADA items.

Commercial Contractor Consulting

Selecting a General contractor is a key to the success of any construction project.  Items to consider are listed in this narrative.  The chemistry between the owner and the General Contractor is assured when these items have been considered.

General Contractor Services

Jay Hedges has general contractor experiences to draw upon since 1985.  In my consulting role I can offer insights to an emerging General contractor who will benefit from my knowledge

Architect & Engineer Selection

It is imperative the Owner, General contractor and the A/E team are all “on the same page” in understanding the priority items for the owner of the project.  The chemistry between the owner, the General Contractor and the A/E Team is assured when these items have been considered and all are in agreement.

Land Cost Negotiation

Jay Hedges has experiences with Developers regarding land acquisition services.  Regardless of the use, office or retail there is a saying that developers live by; “location, location, location are the three important needs for a successful development regardless of the city.


"Jay brings a high level of client service, integrity & business experience to all of his work."

Mehul Patel
CEO of ML Associates

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Jay Hedges Consulting Services is here to help with you with your property condition reports, consulting services for Commercial & Industrial General Contractors, and your consulting services for Economic Development and Business Needs. 


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